How icehubs act as an emerging grass-roots and collaborative innovation network

In the 21st century, sustainable business development is increasingly tied to collaborative process-es of technological innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Consequently, there is a need for ena-bling processes, methods and spaces that bring together individuals with ideas and potential, who are motivated to become change-makers in their local environment. icehubs seek to enable innova-tion, collaboration and entrepreneurship in terms of actions and behaviours – create, share and benefit.

ice stands for innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship and is both a community of individu-als and a network of community-driven technology innovation spaces (icehubs) with a strong so-cial and environmental commitment. Hubs promote the invention and development of home-grown technological products and services that constitute affordable and viable technological solu-tions for local challenges. Hubs bring together a diverse community of action-oriented thinkers, doers and leaders in an environment characterised by a collaborative mentality. icehubs are auton-omous, locally managed and financially self-sustainable. These hubs offer facilities and activities to foster community building, networking and collaborative learning. icehubs are politically and religiously neutral.

The core principles of ice

• To identify, enable and share technological and business solutions for local challenges
• To invent products and services that generate sustainable incomes
• To explore new methods for interdisciplinary collaboration
• To strengthen community-shared workspaces
• To encourage entrepreneurship with strong environmental and social commitment
• To foster shift towards a sharing economy.

The ice community

The ice community refers to people exhibiting the following behaviours throughout the world:
• Share your knowledge and resources to achieve common goals.
• Promote the work of your peers.
• Share opportunities for work, income streams and value creation.
• Network people and organisations.