photo: Saad Chinoy during the SSMLab 2018 fellowship in Sudan

Taking Digital Principles Seriously!

Consultancy and Co-Creation

icebauhaus works in and supports interdisciplinary teams of experts and practitioners to consult knowledge based projects and institutions in the field of international cooperation and development.

Our services and methods are deeply anchored in the Digital Principles for Development where user orientation, collaboration and open culture are core standards. Since 10 years, icebauhaus contributes to innovation networks in and with the global south via conceptual project development and proposal writing, methodological consultancy in generative processes and the framing of knowledge and technology transfers. In general, icebauhaus offers services in the fields of:

> Needs assessment and prototyping – to develop locally meaningful technologies through the use of User Centered Design, co-creation and rapid prototyping methods.

> Active learning and knowledge management formats – to foster innovation networks and communities through peer-learning and open educational resources.

> Implementation of pilot projects  – through competence sharing between international and local actors with the integration of academic research, private sector and civil society.

Capacity Building and Facilitation

All key topics of our capacity building activities are mainly based on our own learning journeys over the last decade of rapid digitalisation and, of course, on the academic and professional background of the trainers. The conceptual programming and the content related facilitation of the workshop and trainings are strong elements of our services. We advise to develop or adapt format and curriculum of the capacity building activities in close cooperation with local partners in advance to increase relevance and impact of the activities through an additional mix of practical collaborative exercises, case-studies, discussions and input sessions.

> Capacity and Solution Transfer – Workshop:  The workshop is part of our adaptation strategy for digital products or services for new target groups and beneficiaries. The exploration of a new context of use together with providers and local experts is the main approach of the format to prepare a set of follow-up measures. This workshop is for all those who want to transfer existing and successful solutions into their own environments or programs.

> Human Centered Design Foundation – Seminar:  An introduction to Human Centered Design (HCD) and related topics. Participants will learn basic terms and definitions, usability-principles and rules, methods to analyse and understand the context of use, basics of usability evaluation and basics of managing a HCD process. This seminar is for all who work on human centered concepts and design of products and services or manage development processes.

> Digitally Supported Learning – Workshop: Basic introduction on how to develop accessible and contextually adapted digital resources to establish pragmatic learning and knowledge management in combination with basics of learning-needs assessment, content co-creation, networked learning and eLearning quality assurance practices. This capacity building unit is for all those who work in development projects and need to integrate collaborative strategies of learning and apply corresponding digital tools.

> Open Knowledge for Open Societies – Workshop: Following a philosophy of ‘open knowledge for open societies’ the workshop introduces to practices and mechanisms of sustainable open source methodologies. The workshop has a focus on conception and production of Open Educational Resources. This workshop is for all those who work in very specific contexts, like in remote areas, post-conflict situations or based on indigenous knowledge. (in close cooperation with r0g_agency)

> On the Job Training: The learning curve to become professional in Human Centered Design (HCD) and Co-Creation gets dramatically steeper after being introduced to the basic knowledge of terms and methodologies and the theory behind them.  But pure knowledge with no practical experience does not enable beginners to develop empathy for users, act unbiased in interviews or evaluations or modulate the standard methods to fit specific contexts. These skills develop with experience and when working with seniors in the field.  We offer you to consult your projects in a shoulder to shoulder strategy. We work with you to prepare, conduct and document important steps of your HCD and Co-Creation processes.

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