> C.A.M.P. (brochure / set of cards):  The publication is intended as an open educational resource reflecting upon the experiences of the Fellows of our SSMLab in 2018.

DOWNLOAD: C.A.M.P.  booklet / C.A.M.P. folio cards

> SSMLab (brochure): The South-South Media Lab focused on peer-learning and open media technologies to approach political and social challenges in creative ways through digital means.

DOWNLOAD: SSMLab 2018 brochure

> EAMLab (brochure): The East-African Media Lab Collaboration 2017 was a pilot short-term residency program focused on networking professionals in the East African media sector.

DOWNLOAD: EAMLab 2017 brochure

> Let’s Go jHUB (brochure / poster): … was an innovation hub and training development initiative carried out in 2016, following up on the media development project ‘Step Up Juba Media Lab’.

DOWNLOAD: jHUB brochure 216 / jHUB Open Hardware Guide 2016

> Step Up Juba Media Lab (brochure / poster): icebauhaus supports the implementation of a community-based media training centre in Juba, South Sudan in a common project since August of 2015.

DOWNLOAD: jHUB brochure 2015 / jHUB open learning guide 2015

> Transition (brochure): The africa re:load 2013 program was based on three sub- tracks, curated by experts of each field: education, urban development and migration.

DOWNLOAD: afrcia re:load 2013 brochure

> Prototype:Culture (brochure): The motto symbolises both the “maker culture” ideals of collaborative experimental tinkering and the globalised culture as generated via continuous prototyping within new international networks.

DOWNLOAD: africa re:load 2012 brochure

> Barcamp Ethiopia (brochure): icebauhaus emerged as an organisation through a longer process that can be traced back to 2010. Barcamp Ethiopia represents one of the first activities of this still ongoing journey.

DOWNLOAD: Barcamp Ethiopia 2010 brochure