How the German icebauhaus was invented in Africa …

icebauhaus emerged as an organisation through a longer process involving the combined efforts and activities of several individuals, that can be traced back to Ethiopia in 2010. At that time, Ethiopia’s first innovation hub, iceaddis was conceived as an experimental collaboration together with local students, developer and blogging communities. Through initial cooperative activities with Bauhaus University Weimar, icebauhaus developed first as an idea and label used by the initiating team for connecting German expertise and resources to the African innovation network and later found its more formal organisational structure. Barcamp Ethiopia 2010 represents one of the first transformative activities of this still ongoing learning journey.

icebauhaus was later conceived as the German partner in the international ice network of green-tech and social innovation hubs. icebauhaus is geared towards a bottom-up strategy that combines both local and international trends with state-of-the-art technological developments. The informal network of experts has been active since 2011 under the name icebauhaus. The actual association was founded on July 13, 2012, and is based in Weimar, Germany.

Our Mission

Our mission and goals revolve around fostering international understanding and promoting international development cooperation. icebauhaus promotes issues of public interest by supporting sustainable international economic, technological and academic development. To achieve this, the association provides a platform for the exchange of views and ideas by developing projects, organising events and promoting suitable methods and tools.

icebauhaus supports an open dialogue between civil society, private sector and the academic world, and creates programmes aimed at bringing artists and creative individuals together, along with advancing the use and availability of digital and social media in development via educational events and technical support. icebauhaus also encourages the concept of social entrepreneurship with the help of knowledge transfer and pilot projects in our partner countries, and cooperates with major players from the field of international collaboration.

Our partner network

icebauhaus operates in an ever-growing international network and offers support to local drivers and their ideas as they are expected to generate solutions to local and global challenges within each regional context. As part of several informal and collaborative settings icebauhaus has access to an eclectic mix of conceptual and increasingly practical local initiatives, business start-ups and inspirational and curious individuals around the world.


icebauhaus e.V. - Belvederer Allee 1 - 99241 Weimar - Germany
register no.: VR 131298
board members: Tiemo Ehmke, Katrin Proschek, Jörn Schultz