MOCI makes a difference!

MOCI Caucaus in 2021 is a hybrid capacity building and networking project via a community platform in the digital world and on a grass-root level in real life. MOCI connects 12 urban and rural groups in the South-Caucasus through a blended learning environment for young people by several workshops, webinars and social happenings. The community actions and campaigning address young people in the region to sustain the initiated cooperation and to focus on self-organisation and creative productions. Funding in 2021  is provided by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Check Civil Society Cooperation: https://civilsocietycooperation.net

MOCI is needs based!

The project empowers rural and vulnerable communities through a specific blended learning environment for young people that provides resources and tutorials for direct collaboration on solutions for local and shared challenges. We target local youth (aged 16/18- 28) outside the capitals and regional urban centers lacking solidarity, cultural participation and peer exchange and existing local initiatives there, often have very small access to funding, networks and new skills and have been deprived of even small resources by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With MOCI we seek to connect and transcend cultural constraints, eliminating digital divides, creating common vocabularies and access to open knowledge within the Caucasus to support sustainable and hybrid forms of social innovation and creative entrepreneurship. We see these as tools for empowering young citizens, where exchange and co-production are of fundamental importance in creating free and open societies. Our particular focus is on how these mechanisms can enable reconciliation and foster resilience in (post)-conflict and transitional societies like in the South-Caucasus.

MOCI is collaborative!

We are strongly committed to a needs-based and community-oriented development of the project actvivities. Our conceptual thinking and experiences in education and international cooperation will ensure a long term and intense relationships of the partnership for critical thinking and creative education measures.

We all met for the first time and connected at the Civil Match event by the Goethe-Institutes in July 2020 because we realised we have all been working at the intersections of culture, education and social innovation and want to join forces to amplify impact in the Caucasus region across the borders.

MOCI builts on existing structure and informal setting by its partners:  CCA Tbilisi in Georgia, Resource Hub in Azerbaijan, Creopia in Armenia and icebauhaus in Germany.

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