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East African Media Lab Collaboration 2017


In 2017, together with our partner iceaddis, we held the first edition of our Media Lab Collaboration program. The East-African Media Lab Collaboration - EAMLab 2017 – in-residence program gave ten African media professionals, activists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop project ideas together with host-organisations in other East-African countries. The program was kicked off in September with a workshop in Addis Ababa and finalised with a larger network event in Kigali, early December 2017.

The ten selected fellows worked on projects ranging from (weiterlesen …)

Rural Urban Platforms for Food Innovation

In early May of 2017, icebauhaus had the pleasure, with the support of GIZ, to invite its partners from Indonesia, Senegal, Germany and Ethiopia to present their projects in a session titled “Nourishing our Communities – Rural Urban Platforms for Food Innovation” at the annual re:publica conference in Berlin which this year was attended by 9.000 visitors. The hour-long session showcased the four different initiatives involving indigenous culture and rural techies in Indonesia, community supported agriculture in Germany, the Yeesal Agrihub in Senegal and the “Honey or Money” crowd-investment initiative in Ethiopia.

In the days following the conference, (weiterlesen …)

“Let’s Go Juba Media Lab” project concluded


In 2016, icebauhaus continued its collaboration with partners KAPITAL (Juba, South Sudan) and r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation (Berlin, Germany) to further explore formats of community building in the South Sudanese media sector and to strengthen the jHUB community oriented media lab established through the previous year’s project “Step Up Juba Media Lab“. In spite of the outbreak and intensification of armed conflict in South Sudan as of July 2016, which amongst other things resulted in a large exodus of refugees from the country, jHUB was able to rely on its international network of partners to flexibly reorganise the six workshop units (weiterlesen …)

International Exchange on Bottom-Up Innovation

Innovation Factory

Participants from nine countries and four continents met in Addis Ababa between 14-18 November 2016 for GIZ’s Innovation Factory (IF) International Country Unit Meeting (ICUM). Main purpose of the event was to mutually present innovative concepts and share experiences made throughout the preceding year’s innovation process and to plan joint activities for the upcoming year. The workshop was held at the campus of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). See here  some impressions by the German Embassy in Addis Ababa.

The Innovation Factory programme supports the establishment of local multi-stakeholder platforms to develop innovative local solutions to challenges within small-scale agriculture, public health and nature conservation. icebauhaus is technical consultant on the topic of ICT4Agriculture within the IF programme, while denkmodell is methodological advisor.




Agribusiness hub (Senegal), smart village (Indonesia), ICT-supported honey production (Ethiopia) and tech for alternative ecological farming (Germany)! (Download article below!)

A main aim of the of the Innovation Factory programme in the field of rural development and agriculture is the creation of innovative concepts of how technology can benefit small hold farmers in the local context of each of four selected target countries Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal. This global initiative is commissioned by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by GIZ in cooperation with a network of local organisations and individuals. Since October 2015, the teams have set up national networks of experts and (weiterlesen …)

Fact-Finding Mission to PAUWES, Algeria


In May 2016, a team of iceHubs experts from icebauhaus, icecairo and icealex visited the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) in Tlemcen, Algeria, on a fact-finding mission to establish the conditions for the setup of a Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub, commissioned by UN-University Bonn. The mission to Algeria culminated in a one-day interactive workshop with students and staff, titled “CO-CREATING AN INNOVATION HUB FOR PAUWES”, (weiterlesen …)



«There was a room in KAPITAL Movie, it was kind of a garage, but we decided to make it into jHUB. We need to start with something we have already. It’s an open space where each and every youth who has innovative skills or ideas, or, if not but wants to learn, can come around and learn something. Because, we can’t just be waiting to be employed by the government or by the UN or that kind of thing.» Emmanuel Mbisimo, Juba, South Sudan

Out now! Our fresh documentation booklet for download as PDF (or flip through below):

(weiterlesen …)

Rural Techies, Apiculture and Indigenious Knowlegde


Innovation Factory is a collaborative effort, managed by GIZ, through which initiatives in Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal are brought together to explore ICT innovation based on actual needs in local contexts. This joint effort will render new concepts and approaches in order to propose a shared solution both for local and global contexts. icebauhaus, as technical advisors on ICT4Ag, supports local activists and organisations in the four selected countries. At the moment, the partners are preparing actions with following topics and objectives:  (weiterlesen …)

Project based cooperation with CTA


CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) is presently running an ambitious project to collect ICTs/Apps for agriculture in a database. The database architecture will allow to map the applications along an agricultural value chain and therefore provide all potential actors with easier access to applications that meet their interests and needs. icebauhaus, in cooperation with the UEC Nuremberg, is developing a usability evaluation framework (weiterlesen …)

Step Up Juba Media Lab in South Sudan


icebauhaus and r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation support the implementation of a community-based media training centre in Juba, South Sudan in a common project since August of 2015. The initiative to create a media lab or hub stems from the Kapital Movie Industry Corporation (KMIC) collective, an independent group of young designers, film makers, IT professionals and artists who have come together (weiterlesen …)

Innovation factory – realising shared solutions


icebauhaus supports  the GIZ Innovation factory with knowledge and ideas in terms of ict4ag. The innovation factory provides a space for developing new concepts and approaches within international cooperation. It is designed to help stakeholders in topic-specific networks on health care, agriculture and conservation to work together to develop new solutions. (weiterlesen …)

From experimental building to »Emerging City Lab Addis Abeba«

5_Emerging City Lab

On 9 July 2015, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC) have signed an agreement for a joint research institute in Ethiopia. The “Emerging City Lab Addis Ababa” will, as a joint research institute, continue the idea of experimental building that has been implemented over the past six years as part of a research and training cooperation in the Ethiopian capital.

(weiterlesen …)

icebauhaus @ Digital Bauhaus Summit: Designing Society

4_Digi Bauhaus Summit

In its second year, the Digital Bauhaus Summit takes on the motto „Designing Society.“ Having buried the deadly political utopias of the twentieth century, we encounter utopian visions of social engineering and re-design anew – from the microscopic to the large scale. Design has become a leading theme of our epoch, expanding from its traditional domains of objects, products, and surfaces into the realm of consciously shaping and reforming everything else: from technology to work, from money to law, from social processes to politics. But can design really live up to such grand expectations?

icebauhaus @ Global Innovation Gathering


The Global Innovation Gathering is an annual meeting of tech hubs, fab labs, maker spaces and innovation centres from all over the world. As the central physical nodes of local innovation ecosystems, these spaces came to represent the technological innovations of their respective home countries – and so now, for the third time, GIG was inviting them in May to Berlin to share their ideas and stories, successes and failures with each other. (weiterlesen …)

ict for agriculture – ict4ag


Through a recent collection of activities and events, icebauhaus has now ventured into the field of ict for agriculture (ict4ag).

We …

  • authored a research report for GIZ: “Analyse zu Unterstützungs-potentialen von IKT bei der Ertragssteigerung bzw. -sicherung der Kleinbauern in den Partnerländern” (not yet public)
  • hosted a session on “Tools of Knowledge Application – ict4ag challenges & oportunities on a global scale” at the Ethio-German Konnect conference organized by CIM in Addis Ababa, November 2014 (weiterlesen …)

icebauhaus @ #DoDevDif


22nd January 2015, Canadian Embassy Berlin. How can we make the development practice we are engaged in more useful, open and transparent? How the development industry can act more effectively, and what ‘open’ in development context means. Could #DoDevDif ever work in the existing work stream of development agencies? Sometimes donor structures and policies do not really serve the ecosystems on the ground. Can’t just come as a donor and say this is what we would like if it doesn’t fit the local culture and ecosystem. Join the event of our partner r0g media.

Build your own SICU

sicu os

We have now, under a Creative Commons license, published all the information you need to build your own lowcost housing prototype “SICU” (Sustainable Incremental Construction Unit). SICU is a collaborative project by academic staff and students of EiABC in Ethiopia and Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany. SICU was designed as a prototypical attempt at an answer to the urgent housing situation in rapidly growing African cities. So far, two full-scale SICU prototypes have been created in Addis Ababa. The project is open for anyone to further adapt and develop. Find all resources here.

icebauhaus @ Connective Cities

1_connective cities

From the 11th to 13th of December the 4th Connective Cities Dialogue Event took place at Betahaus, Berlin and brought together German and international local stakeholders who are directly connected to the field of local economic development and start-up promotion. For urban socio-economic cooperation, applied research and knowledge work, as well as for the creation of new labour ecosystems or community-based businesses, co-working spaces, incubators and innovation labs are increasingly relevant concepts. (weiterlesen …)

International Symposium on Climate Adapted Urban Infrastructure

symposium addis

The International Symposium on Climate Adapted Urban Infrastructure, jointly organized by EiABC (Ethiopia) and Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany) was successfully held mid-December, 2014 at the Goethe Institut, Addis Ababa. The interdisciplinary event, aimed at revealing alternatives to current planning practices in social housing all over Africa resulted in a concept for a multi-disciplinary research project “Integrated Infrastructure” planned for 2015.  Read more about the event here.

MACU inaugurated


MACU (Mobile Automated Contemporary Unit) is (after SECU & SICU) the last of three full-scale prototypes to be created in our DAAD-funded project Concept-Test-Realization as a collaboration between the EiABC in Ethiopia, Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany and University of Juba in South Sudan. MACU consists completely of CNC milled plywood which is produced in Ethiopia out of Eucalyptus. It has no screws or nails and the only tool nessecary for assembly is a rubber hammer. Open source construction files to be published soon. Read more about MACU here and see more photos below.

(weiterlesen …)

SICU project awarded third prize by Holcim Foundation!


The project “Sustainable Incremental Construction Unit”, managed by Bauhaus/EiABC Prof. Dr. Dirk Donath was awarded bronze in the Regional Holcim Award 2014 Africa Middle East. SICU, a prototype solution to lowcost housing in Ethiopia, was designed and constructed as part of the three-year “Concept-Test-Realization” project funded by DAAD. Each project year sees the realization of a prototypical building. This year, MACU, a CNC generated test house will be constructed in Addis Ababa and later reassembled in Juba, South Sudan. Further updates to follow …

For more info on the award, see the Holcim website and view their short video introduction to SICU below:

(weiterlesen …)

icebauhaus @ re:publica 2014


icebauhaus organized a podium discussion within the global innovation gathering at this year’s re:publica conference in Berlin.

 ”A clash of cultures: makers will meet with industrial designers and discuss the similarities and difference between approaches to innovation – How can makers and industrial innovation designers collaborate? And where are these two worlds to far apart to collide?”

Tiemo Ehmke (icebauhaus) moderated the discussion between Ahmed Bastawy (icealex), Bastian Lange (Multiplicities-Berlin) and the re:publica audience.

See the session description here and the video-recording below:

(weiterlesen …)

gig – Global Innovation Gathering


icebauhaus partnered in the second edition of Global Innovatiob Gathering, bringing the afrilabs network and many other international techhubs to the annual re:publica conference in Berlin.

see the re:publica website section on the Global Innovation Gathering here and read the great detailed recap by icecairo here.


Addis Ababa International Symposium on User Centered Software Development


End of April, icebauhaus, in cooperation with CIM, ahadootec and iceaddis organized an intense full-day workshop on user centered software development in Addis Ababa. Three invited speakers from German private sector and academia each lead an interactive sub-workshop on three topics essential to the development of state-of-the art complex web and mobile apps. Participants were a mix of engaged professionals from across the different sectors of the Ethiopian developer scene and interesting discussions ensued about differences and similarities of practices within the Ethiopian and the German software development contexts.

Our hope is to organize further follow-up events that allow to enhance the connection between international communities of IT-developers and the sharing of insights from different contexts. See the session topic-descriptions and some photographic impressions below.

(weiterlesen …)

Mobile app for Ethiopian athletes


In January 2014, icebauhaus, in cooperation with the Usability Engineering Center of Nuremberg Institute of Technology began the first phase of a new research project in the field of mobile application development for the African market.

The aim is to develop a concept and a prototype of a mobile application to support Ethiopian athletes and trainers to better achieve their goals of developing their running talent towards an international level.

Main technical partner in Ethiopia is AhadooTec plc., an Addis Ababa IT company managed by Ethiopians who recently returned from the German diaspora with the support of Centre for International Migration & Development (CIM). The first project phase involves on-the-ground user research in Addis Ababa as well as in rural Ethiopia. AhadooTec Engineers will be actively involved throughout the user centered design process, and continuous technical consultation is provided by local tech-innovation hub iceaddis.


“SICU-HOUSE in 10 days“ prototyping workshop in Addis Ababa

SICU 2013-09-28 the ready house in 9 days

End of September 2013, student and teacher teams from Bauhaus University Weimar and University of Juba joined their colleagues from EiABC, Addis Ababa to, within 10 days, out of prefabricated elements collaboratively construct a SICU prototype in scale 1:1 in the Lideta subsity informal settlement.

SICU (Sustainable Incremental City Unit) is a research project, as well as an academic experiment, by which students and teachers learn through practical experience working on a realistic challenge together with public and private sector partners. The project aim is to (weiterlesen …)

africa re:load 2013 | Documentation

Our annual conference africa re:load took place for the third time in Weimar in July of 2013. This time we had three exciting and productive workshop days with around 100 participants from many different countries.

This year’s event, themed “transition”, emphasized the creative potentials provided to those individuals and societies who find themselves in a state of passage. The workshop format was designed to allow a closer look at such transitory processes within three parallel main tracks, each of them focused around finding answers to different sets of guiding questions: (weiterlesen …)

Professional Bauhaus Field Trip to Cairo


In September, icebauhaus organized a first three-day fieldtrip to Cairo for representatives of the Professional.Bauhaus project of the Bauhaus University Weimar. The three research assistants representing the topics Zero Emmission, Urban Resilience & Eco-Sanitation were invited by the GIZ Employment Promotion Programme. They took part in several revealing site-visits, as well as an “expert-talk session” with invited relevant stakeholders. The aim of the field-trip was the preparation of trainings on the topics mentioned above under the coordination of icebauhaus.

icecairo Official Launch Event


icebauhaus was proud to attend the official launch event of icecairo on the 21. of September 2013. After having been postponed two times before due to politically influenced security reasons, the event could finally be held, with great success shared by the icecairo team and many members of its vibrant community. icecairo has been operational for a while already and is now also officially launched. From icebauhaus we extend our congratulations! (weiterlesen …)

icecairo eLearning training


icebauhaus in cooperation with Sudile held a first eLearning training at icecairo and accompanied a training on “Offgrid Solar Energy Systems” by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Solarenergie (DGS), organized by GIZ. Aim of the project is to collaboratively develop formats of eLearning and Blenden Learning that allow for more efficient formal trainings, with a wider reach, as well as accommodating informal learning methods through and with icecairo.

Preparing africa re:load 2013 | transition


Bauhaus University students are right now busy preparing the Summaery exhibition which will again form an integral part of our africa re:load conference next week. We are looking forward to three intense days of networking, discussions and project development with our community. This year, a bit bigger, more international and interdisciplinary, while hopefully still as informal and joyful as the two previous years.

africa re:load registration opened!


Registration for africa re:load 2013 is now open!

africa re:load is the annual main event in the icehub network‘s calendar of activities in Germany.
This year’s event takes place 11.-13. July in Weimar.

Learn more here.

ice interns returned to bauhaus



Today, returned ice interns Daniel Scheidler, Sebastian Lotz, Johannes Hetzold & Christof Mühe from Bauhaus University presented their ice experiences to their Professors and fellow students at the faculty of Design.

some main impressions:

  • The local ice communities & teams are important factors to help foreign visitors adapt, learn & work around challenges
  • Bauhaus students who decide to join ice seem to be open to learn from their new environment, to pass on their skills and have a profound interest in developing solutions that benefit the local community as opposed to merely designing aesthetic products.
  • What is the role of a designer in a developing country or within the context of development cooperation?


Global Innovation Lounge at re:publica

920993_10201038182017895_415378703_oSAM_7848 SAM_7821-001

From the 4th until the 8th of May 2013, icebauhaus participated in the GIZ-sponsored Global Innovation Lounge at the annual re:publica conference, as well as the first afrilabs network meeting in Berlin. Members of the icehubs network held various sessions at re:publica, including (weiterlesen …)

africa re:load 2013 – save the date

icebauhaus is happy to announce the date of our upcoming event africa re:load 2013:  It will take place on the 11th-13th of July at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany.

Eco-Cities Barcamp in Cairo

Despite the ongoing political unrest people eager to contribute to and shape a greener, cleaner Cairo made their way to Azhar Park to take part in an Ecocities Barcamp hosted by icecairo. Participants varied in age, background, and experience, but held a shared vision of making Cairo, and Egypt, a more sustainable and better place to live.

Mobile App for Conflict Management & Resolution


Photo: Throne of Weapons by Cristavao Estevao Canhavato Kester from Mozambique

We support the Bachelor project “Development of a conceptual mobile app prototype for conflict management and resolution in East Africa.” This Bachelor project is based on a collaboration between Ohm University Nuremberg and North45 in Addis Ababa.

ZERO Award Ceremony – final competition

Ethio-German-Konnect 2012


In November, icebauhaus co-hosted the workshop “How can social and professional networks support Ethiopian migrants to realize their innovative potentials for the benefit of their country?“ as part of the Ethio-German-Konnect 2012 conference in Addis Ababa. The workshop served as a kick-off for the two invited networking institutions DÄSAV (German Ethiopian Student & Academic Association) and icebauhaus to continue exploring synergies by continued discussions, research and by realizing common projects.

Green Jobs Initiative Workshop



In September 2012, icebauhaus presented the topic “Textiles in Architecture” to local partners in Egypt. In 2013 a few courses will be organised for the Green Jobs EEP in the field of sustainable textile architecture and materials.

Concept – Test – Realization: First Juba Workshop

imageOctober 2012, in DAAD-funded project “Concept-Test-Realization”, a first workshop was held in the University of Juba. Main partners of the project are Bauhaus University Weimar and EiABC in Addis Ababa.

Zero Award winner collaboration

September 2012 saw the three proud winners of each local Zero Award 2012 Green Architecture competition (icecairo, iceaddis & icebauhaus) come together in the capital of Egypt for an intense week of green innovation collaboration. Three culturally mixed teams were formed and ideas for common projects were brainstormed and selected, which each team then continued to develop throughout the week.

africa re:load 2012 prototype:culture




icebauhaus yearly event “africa re:load” was held in Weimar on 13-14 of July! You’ve missed it? See the documentation

Juba. The world’s first Open Source City?


icebauhaus participated with a presentation at #OSJUBA event the 21-22 June in Berlin. #OSJUBA proposes to apply the means and methodologies of the international Open Source / FLOSS, free culture, accessible technologies and hacktivist communities in creating a vision for the new capital of South Sudan.

ZERO Award Ceremony – The Bauhaus section

icebauhaus congratulates the winners of the Bauhaus section of the first round of Zero Award 2012 – Green Architecture!

icebauhaus at IBA Labor Thuringia


icebauhaus was invited to present the icehubs-network to the participants of the IBA Labor Workshop on 24th of May in Apolda, Germany. The Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) or International Architecture Exhibition is a state funded long term tool for visualizing and discussing new concepts of social, cultural and ecologic development.

icebauhaus goes DMY 2012

DMY Berlin is an international design network for contemporary product design. At the yearly DMY International Design Festival Berlin both renowned and young, experimental designers launch new products, prototypes and foresighted projects.

Networking-dinner “The beta-principle”

On the 10th of May, icebauhaus & iceaddis co-organized the networking-dinner “The “beta-principle” in international cooperation” together with Betahaus Berlin and GIZ Berlin, aiming to connect the creative scene of Berlin with those working within the German development cooperation field, as a follow-up event to the re:publica conference.

icehubs @ re:publica 2012

The icehubs were present at the 2012 edition of re:publica in Berlin, with a talk on social media in Africa.

The SECU workshop

The SECU (Sustainable Emerging CIty Unit) workshop at EiABC Addis Ababa with students from Bauhaus University. SECU is the first house constructed within the “Concept-Test-Realization” project between Bauhaus University Weimar and the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction & City Development (EiABC), Addis Ababa under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Dirk Donath. The SECU project was also realized as a collaboration with ETH Zürich and GIZ.

The DAAD proofed 300.000 Euro funding proposal!

Based on the existing bilateral cooperation between the EiABC and the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany since 2011 both institutions initiated a funding proposal for the DAAD program “Welcome Africa” which has been proofed in February 2012.

The funded cooperation between the three partners Bauhaus University of Weimar (BUW), Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC) and University of Juba (UJ) in South Sudan aims at strengthening the praxis orientation (1:10 and 1:1 scale prototyping) and interdisciplinary composition of architecture education in Africa, as well as involving the private sector (new business models).

icecairo meets icebauhaus


January 2012. icecairo meets icebauhaus – Green innovation in Egypt. Colleagues from the icecairo hub visited Bauhaus University to discuss ways in which to collaborate.

advent.ure 2011



icebauhaus set up a stand at the annual neudeli “advent.ure” event in Bauhaus University Weimar as an opportunity for students and academic staff to engage in the project. neudeli is the incubator of the University as well as an important icebauhaus partner.

Ethio-German Konnect workshop in Addis Ababa

Participants of the Ethio-German Konnect workshop, Addis Ababa November 2011 interviewed. The EGK focused on Ethiopian and German innovation and cooperation within the energy, construction and agriculture sectors.

Maker Fair Africa

MFA 2011 (October 6-8th) presented and spotlighted the vibrant and endlessly creative individuals that have come to represent the spirit of ‘making’ throughout the continent. These innovators, artists and tinkerers exhibited a fusion of the informal and formal; ideas, inventions, hacks and designs both low-tech & high-tech.

Barcamp Ethiopia 2011

Barcamp Ethiopia 2011 was the second large Barcamp to be organized in Ethiopia, the follow-up to last years successful Barcamp at EiABC in Addis. Official motto was: Your Knowledge. Your community.

africa re:load 2011

The purpose of the two-day africa re:load workshop in August 2011 was to bring together a selected group of Ethiopian & German partners from the private and public sectors to generate ideas on green economic development, green technologies & innovation in Africa.

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