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Step Up Juba Media Lab in South Sudan


icebauhaus and r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation support the implementation of a community-based media training centre in Juba, South Sudan in a common project since August of 2015. The initiative to create a media lab or hub stems from the Kapital Movie Industry Corporation (KMIC) collective, an independent group of young designers, film makers, IT professionals and artists who have come together to help solve the acute post-independence social, political, educational and environmental challenges arising from 21 years of fought civil war.

Already constituted as the ad-hoc ‘Kapital Virtual Academy’ which focuses on self-directed training in film and video production, use of software and related technical systems and methodologies, the initial focus is now on knowledge development through the creation of professional capacity building workshops and hands-on production. Addressing themes that define specific challenges, such as post-conflict national transformation and the building of an open, democratic, and socially just South Sudan, J-HUB’s mission will also be, through seminar and debates, to provide an open forum to discuss, identify and develop solutions to these challenges.

The “Step-Up Juba Media Lab” project is a collaboration between icebauhaus, Kapital Movie Industry Corporation (Juba) and r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation gGmbH (Berlin), funded by the German Federal Ministry of International Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through it’s programme “Support for Media, Access to Information and Freedom of Expression”.



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