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MACU inaugurated


MACU (Mobile Automated Contemporary Unit) is (after SECU & SICU) the last of three full-scale prototypes to be created in our DAAD-funded project Concept-Test-Realization as a collaboration between the EiABC in Ethiopia, Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany and University of Juba in South Sudan. MACU consists completely of CNC milled plywood which is produced in Ethiopia out of Eucalyptus. It has no screws or nails and the only tool nessecary for assembly is a rubber hammer. Open source construction files to be published soon. Read more about MACU here and see more photos below.



SAM_0596 SAM_0601 SAM_0605 SAM_0606 SAM_0611  SAM_0616 SAM_0622

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