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Green Jobs Training “Textiles in Architecture”

The Institute for Textile Arts SEPIA, in cooperation with icebauhaus, held a 5-day training for young architects and designers in Cairo end of october. The project-based seminar spotlighted buildings that are energy-efficient through the help of textiles (incl. environmentally sustainable and low-cost textiles) in the context of art & design. The essential question involved how artistic textiles enrich the architectural scope in both an aesthetic and a functional way. In this regard investigations of how textile art & design can interact with buildings were conducted relating to shading and cooling, heat and noise insulation.

  • Basic textile principles relevant to architecture, the know-how about materials and various manufacturing methods were introduced, such as traditional craft techniques or pure digital production processes, applied in analog exercises.
  • State of the art digital textile simulation software was also introduced. Using parametric tools, the participants were be able to analyze the integrity of the textiles and design them according to structurally and environmentally sound principles.

The workshop was supported by GIZ Egypt.


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