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Addis Ababa International Symposium on User Centered Software Development


End of April, icebauhaus, in cooperation with CIM, ahadootec and iceaddis organized an intense full-day workshop on user centered software development in Addis Ababa. Three invited speakers from German private sector and academia each lead an interactive sub-workshop on three topics essential to the development of state-of-the art complex web and mobile apps. Participants were a mix of engaged professionals from across the different sectors of the Ethiopian developer scene and interesting discussions ensued about differences and similarities of practices within the Ethiopian and the German software development contexts.

Our hope is to organize further follow-up events that allow to enhance the connection between international communities of IT-developers and the sharing of insights from different contexts. See the session topic-descriptions and some photographic impressions below.

  • Workshop 01 • RESTful Services
    RESTful web services have become an important part in application archi- tectures nowadays. Lean script based web frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Symfony have adopted them as well as the big players in the IT market. This workshop aims to give an overview of the concepts and paradigms of RESTful API‘s like HATEOAS, shows how they look like in an practical example and tries to highlight challenges as well as best practices when designing them. Furthermore this workshop tries to show how versatile these services are and how they can be part of different usage scenarios (as backend in mobile appli- cations or even as a part of an elaborated distributed system). In a practical part different aspects of a RESTful system design will be addressed and there will also be room for discussion and communication.
    Introduced and moderated by Matthias Roth (Software Engineer & Project Manager of the IT-center of OHM Nuremberg Institute of Technology) – is a specialist in application development and software adaptation for large scale institutions.
  • Workshop 02 • User-Centered Design (UCD)
    Usability is a competitive factor; especially large companies recognize this fact and employ usability experts to support their software development processes. Particularly in small and medium enterprises (SME) the subject usability is often dropped due to small financial resources or low expertise. This workshop gives an overview of UCD methods and shows examples of user-centered design processes in German companies. We invite you to discuss how to establish UCD in your development processes.
    Introduced and moderated by: Katrin Proschek (Manager of the Usability Engineering Center at OHM Nuremberg Institute of Technology) – has many years of experience in usability evaluation and user centered software development in cooperation both with private sector partners such as adidas AG and international academic institutions.
  • Workshop 03 • Business Process Model & Notation
    Business processes control all flows and influences of your enterprise. Recognizing and continuously improving your business processes forms the basis of your company‘s success. BPMN was designed to provide a way to formulate business processes in a diagram language that is simple to create and easy to understand by anybody involved. This workshop will introduce you to the BPMN method and to the core elements of it. You will learn, how to create and develop your business processes with a free available enterprise modeling software.
    Introduced and modrated by: Torsten Erbel (MID GmbH) – is a user experience specialist at one of Europe’s leading providers of tools for modeling business processes, software and databases.

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